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The Family Pets Quiz (Answered)

I posted a quiz HERE that I guess was too tough for people to try. Only two attempts were made at it! I waited a while to see if anyone else wanted to try, but the statute of limitations has clearly passed. So, here are the correct answers...

Pets are funny things on TV, they come and go as convenient, and from a practical standpoint, provide just a lot of production problems for programs. Still, there have been quite a few of these characters on the tube over the years, because cute sells. Pet by pet, then...

1. Waldo was an Old English Sheepdog in the home of one Professor Everett and his three children. Juliet Mills and the naughtily named Richard Long were the title characters in "Nanny And The Professor."

2. The Ricks Family were the caretakers of a dolphin named Flipper in 1964. Interestingly, when a revival of the show was created in 1995, it was the same family from the 1960s (one of the sons, then grown up as the patriarch) that dealt with the dolphin.

3. Cleopatra was an African strangling plant, and was really just one of a host of unique animals cared for by "The Addams Family." "Their house is a museum" also contained Kitty Cat, a lion, an aquarium of pirhana, and the redoubtable Cousin Itt... Well, he COULD have been a pet!

4. Ladadog was yet another Old English Sheepdog, living in the glorious suburbs on the kid-filled series "Please Don't Eat The Daisies," a successful sitcom spun off from a film and book. Lad took a more active role in his series than Waldo did on "Nanny," actually appearing in a cartoon incarnation during the show's opening credits.

5. Lucky is the descriptive name of a cat who lives in the same house as a creature that eats (or wants to eat) felines. Such was the case of an Alien Life Form... or, for short, "ALF." For the record, the cat stayed lucky throughout the series, as the visiting E.T. never once caught his quarry.

6. Simone was a dog of questionable origin that perhaps was most famous for finding a skunk during the first season of "The Partridge Family." Everyone remembers the bathtub of tomato juice.

7. Timmy This was a bit of a cheat, since his name also appeared in the title, but he was probably the best known owner of a collie named Lassie. "Timmy And Lassie" established the reputation that dog had for getting her master out of trouble, whether sliding down a cliff, getting kidnapped by rustlers or some other equally far-fetched situation.

8. Santa's Little Helper is a former racing greyhound that was spared from a certain death by America's Favorite Schlub, Homer, on "The Simpsons." You'd think that an animated dog would appear on a series more frequently than a living, breathing animal might, but the storylines haven't run that way.

9. Djinn Djinn was a dog with a very unique talent. He could turn invisible. He also had a dislike: uniforms. When he saw a uniform, he would rip it to shreds! The combination proved unfortunate on more than one occasion for Air Force Major Anthony Nelson during "I Dream Of Jeannie." Hard to figure out the psychology of this pet, but then again, the magical title character wasn't exactly a textbook case, either.

10. Tristan was an Irish Setter that was adopted. This might have been the most difficult one of the quiz to get, since he was only seen on a couple of episodes, but he belonged to Chip, the one tiny bit of testosterone on the 80s sitcom, Kate & Allie. Tristan spent most of the time up on his Doctor father's sprawling estate in Connecticut, and conveniently, unseen.

11. Nunzio and Stinky It's rare that a pet has a pet of his own, but that's just what was going on here. Stinky was Nunzio's pet dog. And Nunzio belonged to the female title character on "Dharma & Greg." I don't know if San Francisco had a "pooper scooper" law, otherwise, that might explain why these two didn't have more screen time.

12. Clarence was a cross-eyed lion. If I had called him that, perhaps someone would have recognized that he was one of the stars of "Daktari", a show set in Africa and filled with a whole host of exotic animals.

13. Fred was a white cockatoo bird. He belonged to one of those tough, crime fighting detectives: "Baretta." I wonder whatever happened to them?

14. Happy I would have accepted Jack La Lanne as an appropriate answer for this one, since one of his dogs had that name. But, the answer I was actually looking for here was "Seventh Heaven." The wryly named mutt belonged to the youngest Camden boy, Simon.

15. Elvis He may be a pair of shoes or a suitcase by now, but back in the 80s, this alligator was just another part of the phenomenon known as "Miami Vice." He lived on Crockett's yacht. Why he didn't live in the water around the boat, I still don't understand.

16. Debbie (a.k.a. The Bloop) She got her nickname from the sound she made, but this space monkey (really a chimpanzee with weird ear attachments) was found by Penny Robinson and adopted by the crew of the Jupiter 2, presumably still "Lost In Space." Debbie somehow disappeared and was never mentioned again.

17. Spot There aren't many fire-breathing dragons out there. And there's only a small number of families that would have them as pets! But clearly one of those families would be "The Munsters." Spot lived under the main staircase and was never seen entirely, just his eyes, that fire breathing snout and a set of very nasty teeth, or his tail as he turned a corner to go for a walk.

18. Spot Not every superhero had a pet, but at least one cartoon star did! "Hong Kong Phooey" was a dog that was also a martial arts expert, and he had a cat named Spot. He was given voice by "Chico And The Man" co-star, Scatman Crothers.

19. Salem Arguably the hippest cat since Miles Davis, Salem has appeared on three series. The original "Sabrina, The Teenage Witch," a Saturday animated series spun off of The Archies, then the Melissa Joan Hart live action version, which led to a new animated version starring Melissa's sister Emily as the voice of the title character.

20. Gouda wasn't supposed to be on this show, since there was a strict "no pets" rule initiated by the producers. However, Norman Korpi ignored the rule and brought his big ol' dawg into the Loft on Broadway for the very first season of "The Real World." Had he not, we would have missed the greatest moment in that season's history: Heather getting tripped up in the street while walking Gouda!

21. Cheese Another tricky one. Cheese is a cat that actually isn't a part of the series in question, but does get mentioned occasionally and makes a video appearance every now and again. It's the pet of the star of "The Tonight Show With Jay Leno."

22. Silver "A firey horse with the speed of light! A cloud of dust and a hearty 'Hi ho, Silver!'" Of course, it's "The Lone Ranger."

23. Tiger was another loveable mutt being raised by three boys of his own, then adopted by a group of girls with hair of gold, like their mother. Ah, it's a dog's life for the pet of "The Brady Bunch."

24. Wilbur Post He was the owner. Glib, intelligent, talkative. No, not him, his pet! Of course, of course, I'm speaking of the famous "Mister Ed," a chatty palomino, but only when his owner was the only person in the room. Ed didn't have a problem talking with anyone on the telephone, though, and frequently did! And he did such amazing things as driving a car and trying out for the Los Angeles Dodgers. Look out Drysdale. Ed's got horsepower!

25. Scruffy Well, everyone should have gotten this one, since I gave the answer at the top of the quiz! In case you missed it, it's "The Ghost And Mrs. Muir!"
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