Ink Well (penpusher) wrote in tv_trivia,
Ink Well

Hi, Neighbor!

Since people seem to be having a struggle with the Family Pets Quiz, I'll provide you something a bit easier, and more human.

Just match up the names of the next door neighbors on the left with the program that you would find them on, on the right!

Have fun!

A. Capt./Maj. Roger Healy ----- 01. "F" Troop
B. Fred and Ethel Mertz ------- 02. The Flintstones
C. Ed and Trixie Norton ------- 03. The Andy Griffith Show
D. Wilson --------------------- 04. The Secret World Of Alex Mack
E. Mr. Wilson ----------------- 05. Newhart
F. Barney and Betty Rubble ---- 06. Beavis And Butthead
G. Stanley and Helen Roper ---- 07. The Cosby Show
H. Ray Alvarado --------------- 08. One Day At A Time
I. Chief Wild Eagle ----------- 09. I Dream Of Jeannie
J. Mr. Bentley ---------------- 10. Mork And Mindy
K. Earl J. Waggedorn ---------- 11. Little House On The Prairie
L. Larry, Darryl and Darryl --- 12. Bewitched
M. Gomer Pyle ----------------- 13. Home Improvement
N. Nellie Oleson -------------- 14. My So-Called Life
O. Lenny And Squiggy ---------- 15. Three's Company
P. Mr. Anderson --------------- 16. I Love Lucy
Q. Jerry and Millie Helper ---- 17. Daria
R. Abner and Gladys Kravitz --- 18. Clarissa Explains It All
S. Jefferson and Marcy D'Arcy - 19. The Jeffersons
T. Orson ---------------------- 20. Dennis The Menace
U. Schneider ------------------ 21. Laverne And Shirley
V. Sam Anders ----------------- 22. The Dick Van Dyke Show
W. Brian Krakow --------------- 23. Julia
X. Jane Lane ------------------ 24. Married With Children
Y. Cockroach ------------------ 25. The Honeymooners

25 point Bonus Question: What Quizmaster hosted a gameshow called "The Neighbors?"
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