Ink Well (penpusher) wrote in tv_trivia,
Ink Well

The Family Pets Quiz!

Since there didn't seem to be any pictures of Scruffy from the cast of "The Ghost and Mrs. Muir" ANYWHERE, I'll dedicate this quiz to the missing wire haired terrier.

Here's a listing of TV pets... just name the show that is related to the animal! Give yourself 4 points for each correct answer.

Note: if the show was named for the pet, you'll find the owner in this list!

1. Waldo
2. The Ricks Family
3. Cleopatra
4. Ladadog
5. Lucky
6. Simone
7. Timmy
8. Santa's Little Helper
9. Djinn Djinn
10. Tristan
11. Nunzio and Stinky
12. Clarence
13. Fred
14. Happy
15. Elvis
16. Debbie (a.k.a. The Bloop)
17. Spot
18. Spot
19. Salem
20. Gouda
21. Cheese
22. Silver
23. Tiger
24. Wilbur Post
25. Scruffy

Have fun!
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Ack! That's hard. I love animals but I don't think I remember ANY of the names!

Anywho, here is my pitiful list:
7) Lassie owned by Timmy (the kid who is perpetually trapped in some mine)

8) Santa's little helper is from the Simpsons

19) Salem is a cat owned by Sabrina the Teenage witch

25) Scruffy from the Ghost and Mrs. Muir (but only cause you told me).

That gives me a grand total of 16/100! Ouch. I hang my head - I am not worthy of this community.

BTW, you neglected to mention Ladybird - any idea of where she is from?
Well, I didn't actually mention a LOT of animals... I just chose a range of them, some obvious, others not as easy, just to make it challenging...

And no! You are certainly ARE worthy of this community!!!

I'm sure you could do better if you thought about it a bit more...
7 - Lassie
8 - The Simpsons
9 - I Dream of Jeanie
19 - Sabrina the Teenage Witch
20 - The Real World
22 - The Lone Ranger
23 - The Brady Bunch
24 - Mister Ed
I didn't peek at the answers which you'd put in another post, but here's my list:
7. Timmy - He was Lassie's little boy in Lassie
8. Santa's Little Helper - Simpson's dog in The Simpsons
9. Djinn Djinn - Jeannie's pet (I think it was a dog) in I Dream of Jeannie
11. Nunzio and Stinky - Darma's dogs in Darma and Greg
14. Happy - family dog in Seventh Heaven
17. Spot - Either this one or number 18 is Data's cat in Star Trek: The Next Generation
18. Spot - Either this one or number 17 is Data's cat in Star Trek: The Next Generation19. Salem
22. Silver - The Lone Ranger's horse
23. Tiger - Dog from The Brady Bunch
24. Wilbur Post - His horse was Mr. Ed
I forgot to type in
19. Salem - Sabrina the Teenage Witch's cat
You did very well!

I have to give credit for Data's Cat, even though that wasn't one of the answers I was looking for. So, you batted .400! Excellent!
*bows* Thank you.
When I did look at the answers, I smacked my head a couple times. I should have remembered a few more of those.
At least Scruffy... which I gave at the top of the quiz!!!
I thought using that one would have been cheating since I wouldn't have remembered it on my own.